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About Frost Productions

Frost Productions entered the world of entertainment in 1985 with the production of documentary films and creation of entertaining board games for the adult market. In 1994, expanding on the motivation to create interesting and innovative products, Frost Productions introduced a line of licensed properties for the lottery world that offered players added play value and more entertainment for their buck. With funny cartoons, crossword puzzles, brain-teasing Jumbles and daily fortunes, players never walked away empty-handed. Well over 200 million of these tickets were scratched all across North America.

In 2004, the Frost Productions portfolio was acquired by MDI Entertainment (including the ever popular Fortune Cookie™) and through Cate Frost’s consulting work during the next 3 years, MDI acquired more unique properties including Jenga, Mad Magazine, Dick Tracy, Broom-Hilda, Love is…, and the Pat Sajak line of instant games.

Currently, Frost Productions is offering unique licensed properties directly to the lotteries. Best described as a ‘boutique’ company with reasonable licensing fees, easy accessibility and entertaining licenses, Frost Productions is pleased to provide a service for the lottery industry.

For more information on the new and expanding line of Frost Productions licensed properties, please click on the property buttons above, or contact Frost Productions directly.

About Frost Productions


(1) SMART MONEY: You’ve heard of smart cars, smart phones, and smart watches? Well, now there’s SMART MONEY for the lottery industry. Just click the SMART MONEY icon above, and have a look through the new ticket designs, or download the SMART MONEY OVERVIEW found in the SMART MONEY ‘Support Materials’ section.

(2) DOGGY DOLLARS, KITTY CASH, and CASH COW are now specialty themed licenses available from the Close To Home creator John McPherson. They are funny, entertaining, and never leave players empty handed! Have a look at the new tickets in the Close To Home ‘ Ticket Designs’ section.


VERSATILE LICENSES: Looking for Extended Play? Try JUMBLE or X Marks The Spot. Want special time of year tickets? Try Valentine’s Day, Holiday Themes, Halloween, or Veteran’s Day tickets. We even have tickets with extra special humor, popular nostalgic themes, and Hispanic themed tickets. We’ve absolutely got something for everyone.


GREAT LICENSING FEES: Ask about the Frost Productions superbly priced licensing fees and our multiple-ticket discounts.